Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2 is a psychological horror film that is still in theaters.  It has received fairly good reviews, and broke the record for biggest mid-night gross by an R-rated movie.  Written by Michael R. Perry and directed by Tod Williams, the film encompasses the entire events of the first film, starting two months prior and ending one day after.  On the heels of the success of the first Paranormal Activity came a cry for a second almost immediately.  It was budgeted at 3 million dollars, which although is very cheap for most movies it is much larger than the original.  During its marketing campaign, the trailer was pulled from several theaters for being 'too scary'.

The film starts two months before the first, when Kristi (sister of Katie, the first films main character) discovers her house has been vandalized.  There is nothing missing from the house except a necklace from her sister.  Kristi's husband Dan sees the stress this has caused his wife and his daughter Ali, so he has security cameras installed around the house.  From here, we see each progressive night as these 'paranormal activities' occur.  Ali is the only one in the house to take these seriously, and begins research.  She realizes that this has happened to her family for some time and the activities look like a demon, not a ghost.  She also discovers that it most likely is after the baby in the house, Hunter.  With out giving too much away, a major decision must be made about how to transfer the demon elsewhere when Kristi  becomes possessed. 


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